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President Johnson Sirleaf Instrumental in Leading Response to Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak

21 May 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared Liberia free of Ebola virus transmission. According to WHO, almost two months have passed since the last laboratory-confirmed case was dismissed, and the first decisive factor contributing to the success of Liberia’s Ebola response was President and APB speaker Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s leadership.

Liberia reported the highest number of deaths in one of the largest, longest, and most complex Ebola outbreaks since the virus first emerged in 1976. On August 6, 2014, President Johnson Sirleaf declared a three-month state of emergency, announcing strict measures to lower victim numbers. She regarded Ebola as a threat to the nation’s “economic and social fabric,” therefore making response a priority for multiple branches of the government. Swift decisions, public communications, and her presence at outbreak sites were expressions of her undeniable leadership. +Read the full WHO report

WHO is now confident that Liberia has interrupted Ebola transmission thanks to the pro-activeness of the seasoned President. Whether focusing on providing for the basic needs of her people, striving to end corruption, or advocating for women of all walks of life, President Johnson Sirleaf shares an encouraging message of peace and moral leadership that leaves international audiences inspired to make a global change.

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