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Expand the Dialogue and End the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health With These Six Speakers

26 Apr 2016

The American Program Bureau’s wide array of speakers can help you and your audience at your upcoming mental health awareness event expand the dialogue surrounding mental health and help end the stigma. In addition to our previous blog posts of speaker suggestions, here are six more that can elevate your event to the next level with engaging conversation.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford is an actor, motivator, and author who battled drug and alcohol addiction prior to his successes. With audiences he speaks on the challenges of overcoming his illness, offering his compelling message of survival, hope, and finding one’s integrity.

Naomi Judd is a Grammy-winning singer and country music icon who is a popular speaker with audiences, addressing topics like health and wellness and the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. She teaches audiences how to not only survive, but thrive amidst personal difficulties.

Brian Cuban is the younger brother of Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, but more importantly, he is a recovery advocate. Drawing from personal experience, he examines the factors that led to his eating and substance use disorders with audiences as a passionate advocate for mental health awareness.

Pat O’Brien is a broadcaster and bestselling author who privately battled alcoholism throughout his storied career with CBS, NBC, and others. Now more than seven years sober, he counsels athletes, celebrities, and others fighting addiction on a daily basis and with audiences.

Judy Collins is a legendary folk singer and activist who faced tragedy when her son committed suicide at the age of 33. She shares a deeply moving account with audiences of her journey from agony to hope as she discusses alcoholism, relationships, and her music.

Janine Turner is an actress, author, and radio host who is a recovering alcoholic now two decades sober. With audiences she discusses her own battle with alcoholism while sharing a powerful and inspiring message of hope and faith that substance abuse can be successfully conquered.