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Speaker Vivek Wadhwa Explains How Open Science Can Help Solve Zika

25 Apr 2016

Speaker Vivek Wadhwa recently penned a Washington Post column reflecting on the new dangers and opportunities of synthetic biology and gene editing, specifically as it relates to the Zika virus. He says the technologies being used, though scary, are also amazing in what they make possible: cures for debilitating diseases, new biofuels and grains that can be grown in extreme climates.

In the article, Wadhwa shares that a good way to prepare for the consequences of these new healthcare technologies is to come together to attack the Zika virus. The message is that organizations and people can now crowdsource solutions to global problems as the best defense against them. He also highlights that a solution to Zika virus may lie in open science— as leading researchers have recommended. This is because when more eyes can look at data, there are likely less errors and solutions can be developed jointly.

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A renowned technology expert and academic, Wadhwa shares fascinating keynotes with audiences focused on all things technology and entrepreneurship, specifically when it comes to global research. He helps organizations find greater opportunities, adapt to new and fast-changing technologies, become more innovative and work together to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

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