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Jake Gyllenhaal to Portray APB Speaker Jeff Bauman in 2017 Movie 'Stronger'

19 Apr 2016

On April 15, 2013, APB speaker Jeff Bauman’s life changed forever at the Boston Marathon. After the pressure cooker bombs exploded, a photographer documented Bauman being wheeled to an ambulance, showing the lower portion of his legs missing. However, from this horrific tragedy came hope: Bauman became a Boston hero when he helped identify the suspects from his hospital bed.

The film, expected out in 2017, is not focused on the Boston Marathon bombing, but instead is about Bauman’s unlikely path toward healing, recovery, and acceptance. Gyllenhaal, who will star in the film, calls Bauman “inspirational."

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An inspiring speaker, Bauman tours the country sharing his experience and instilling in others the importance of courage, support, and hope in overcoming life's tragedies.

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