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APB Speaker Jeffrey Tambor to Release Memoir in 2017

20 Apr 2016

Legendary actor and APB speaker Jeffrey Tambor will release his memoir, Are You Anybody, a collection of autobiographical essays, in spring of 2017. The book will highlight how Tambor uses the lessons he has learned from his personal life to help mold his famous television characters, such as "Hank Kingsley" on The Larry Sanders Show, "George Bluth" on Arrested Development and "Maura Pfefferman" on Transparent.

Are You Anybody, which is Tambor’s first book, will tell the stories that led him to where he is now. Based off of his extremely popular keynote speech, Performing Your Life, Tambor will let readers into all aspects of his life, bringing them on a journey filled with emotion and inspiration. “Some stories will be awkward, others inspiring, some dark, most funny, and all will, I think, be hopeful and instructive,” Tambor said of the collection.

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Jeffrey Tambor’s hilarious and moving presentation, Performing Your Life, helps viewers discover the artists within themselves. This customizable presentation is part one-man show, part seminar, part question-and-answer session, and endlessly entertaining. Sharing examples from his own journey, Tambor encouraging listeners from all walks of life to look beyond their perceived limitations and embrace their own authentic self.

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