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APB Speaker Larry King: 9 Lessons on Becoming a Master Communicator

16 Dec 2016

A long time APB speaker, Larry King is an expert at communicating with others. His story is the American dream realized: A Jewish kid from Brooklyn works hard to be on the radio and then goes on to conduct more than 60,000 interviews! With countless awards and a New York Times bestselling book, the 83 year old King is still going strong with his show Larry King Now.

So, what are King’s tips, tricks, advice as a communications industry icon? During an hour-long interview with the Stamford Advocate, he shared 9 lessons on mastering communication:

1. Just get started.
2. Keep gaining experience.
3. Stick with the basics.
4. Know your role as a communicator.
5. Stay curious.
6. Be present.
7. Trust your instincts.
8. Just be yourself.
9. Never give up.

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