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APB Speaker Kelly Corrigan Takes Her Humor to the Radio in Her New Podcast

04 Jan 2017

Kelly Corrigan

APB speaker Kelly Corrigan, a three-time New York Times best-selling author, is taking her talent and humor to her new podcast conversations on KQED called "Exactly with Kelly Corrigan." Sitting down with celebrities and thought leaders such as B.J. Novak, Margaret Atwood and John Cleese, Corrigan discusses rules to live by in life, bold moves, comedy and empathy.

Formerly broadcasted as Medium's first digital series, "Foreword," Corrigan conducts inspiring interviews with her guests to enlighten audiences on topics such as making hard change possible through forgiveness, compassion and finding similarities with other people. An in-depth way of looking at life choices, the show creatively explores how we interact with each other and how we can let go of restrictive thinking.

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A fighter, survivor and caregiver, Corrigan battled cancer while simultaneously caring for her father as he struggled through the final stages of the disease. An audience favorite, and one of our most sought-after speakers, she reminds us all that it is the little connections we create in life that make us whole and ensure personal happiness.

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