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Speaker Chris Hughes’ Innovations Spark New Technologies for Election 2016

07 Jan 2016

Running a campaign is like running a business, and technology plays a major role in success. Therefore, the campaigns that master digital strategy are going to better understand the people they are targeting. So how will the 2016 elections utilize technology for their campaigns? Luckily, speaker Chris Hughes has given current candidates an edge due to his innovative use of social media in 2008.

The current publisher of The New Republic, Hughes left Facebook in 2007 to work for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. There, he was the brains behind the website My.BarackObama.com, which ultimately raised funds from grassroots supporters and helped organize volunteers and staffers. Social media was also instrumental to the success of President Obama’s 2008 election. Hughes envisioned the unprecedented use of Twitter and other budding social platforms to build immense buzz for the campaign.

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Following his success as a co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes left the game-changing social network to become an entrepreneurial force, shaping “disruption” into one of the defining features of economic and social life today. Discussing the disruptive tactics he has employed in all of his endeavors, Hughes reveals how media and politics are at the forefront of digital life — and how we can use them to change our lives for the better.

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