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‘The Finest Hours’ Co-Author & APB Speaker Casey Sherman Talks Disney Movie Adaptation

13 Jan 2016

Through stories of resilience and courage, bestselling author and APB speaker Casey Sherman weaves some of the most captivating real life experiences on page and screen today. Sherman’s masterful storytelling transformed his maritime masterpiece The Finest Hours — starring Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Eric Bana — into a worldwide Disney blockbuster.

The Finest Hours is set in 1952 New England during a deadly nor’easter in the winter. It illustrates the true story of four young Coast Guardsmen on a daring rescue mission off of Chatham. Since this was before technology enhanced seamanship, the rescue essentially became a suicide mission. “The unwritten motto of the coast guard back then was, ‘you have to go out, but you don’t have to come back,’ but these men performed the rescue of a lifetime,” said Sherman. “Very simply, it’s a story about faith.”

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In his speeches, Casey Sherman shares gripping stories and valuable lessons emphasizing the teamwork that often develops amid strenuous circumstances. In The Finest Hours, the heroes involved experience mobilization and daring rescue, underscoring how everyone from professionals to average citizens have the ability to band together to achieve a common goal during intense times.

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