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APB Celebrates the Life of Muhammad Ali

13 Jun 2016

Boxing icon Muhammad Ali passed away on Friday, June 3, after a longtime battle with Parkinson’s disease. Nicknamed “The Greatest of All Time,” Ali was truly a man of many talents. From his faith to his athleticism to his passion for social justice, Muhammad Ali made a great difference in this world, inspiring everyone with whom he crossed paths.

After refusing to be drafted into the Vietnam War, Ali was banned from boxing and stripped of all titles. He signed exclusively with American Program Bureau and took on speaking engagements during his three-and-a-half year boxing hiatus. He quickly became the agency’s most popular speaker and developed a strong friendship with APB’s founder, Robert P. Walker. Ali found the speaking platform to be an effective way to share an important message of inspiration and activism, and for his voice to be heard amidst the controversy surrounding him at the time. American Program Bureau will continue to honor the legend that was and is Muhammad Ali, the People’s Champion.