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Reflecting on the Orlando Tragedy

14 Jun 2016

American Program Bureau joins in the outpouring of thoughts and support for those affected by the Orlando shooting, as we stand together with the LGBTQIA+ community against violence and for the right to equality.

Here are some important reflections from our speakers following the attack:

“Struggling to tweet something regarding the soulless shooting today…send healing energy to families.” -Kathy Najimy

“The deaths, the injured, the hatred towards the LGBT community, hate matched with hate produces more hate. The answer is love, I pray for the fallen and the injured, but I also pray for those with hate in their hearts to find love and compassion and not give in to fear. [...] The power of healing in love and always will be.” -Greg Louganis

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to assimilate the condition of this country, what we value, where we find critical importance. What I am keenly aware of, what I do understand - is that we are least of all UNITED. These 50 states could not be farther from unity. My prayers go out to the victims, their families and loved ones in Orlando, the same to the students and families of UCLA, the family and fans of Christina Grimmie, and the many senseless acts of belligerent gun violence in this nation. These mentioned events of course are just a few from the last 2 weeks.” -Azure Antoinette