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APB Speaker Mikhail Gorbachev Shares Incredible Life Story in New Book

08 Mar 2016

Former President of the Soviet Union and longtime APB speaker Mikhail Gorbachev is releasing a new book based on his groundbreaking life. Entitled Gorbachev in Life, this 700 page biography is a collection of memoirs, interviews, letters, documents and articles by the leader and others.

President Gorbachev hopes his legacy and leadership in changing his nation will help the world understand current history. Twenty years ago, he taught his country two new ideas: glasnost and perestroika, singlehandedly setting events in motion to end the Cold War and change the dynamics of global politics practiced by the superpowers.

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With the mission to help ensure a just, sustainable, and secure future for all, President Gorbachev aims to cultivate a new sense of global interdependence. In thought-provoking keynotes, he takes a close look at what we can and must do to once again achieve the "impossible." There is a role that we can all play to help improve our future, and President Gorbachev explains how.

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