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The Three Mega-Trends Affecting Public Speakers Today

02 Mar 2016

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “The Three Mega-Trends Affecting Public Speakers Today” in this week’s featured blog post.

Dr. Nick Morgan opens this recent blog post noting that he likes to share the latest neuroscience as it affects communications and public speaking, as well as the bigger trends. In this post, he identifies authenticity, brevity, and anger as the three big trends currently affecting public speakers.

“If you’re not being authentic in some way about yourself, your company, or your topic, then no one is going to care,” says Dr. Morgan about authenticity. When discussing brevity, Dr. Morgan says that more and more of his clients report to him that they’re asking to compress their usual 60-minute keynote to 3o minutes or 20 minutes. He advises professional speakers to have “a TED-length version” of their speech ready to go. And as far as anger goes, Dr. Morgan advises that if you don’t have something to be angry about, you don’t be taken seriously—a sad truth for those who don’t put anger at the center of their message.

Read more about what Dr. Morgan has to say about these three trends in his full blog post.