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APB Speaker & CEO of Global Citizen Hugh Evans Interviewed by 'Adweek' on the Power of Music

26 May 2016

In his May 2016 Adweek interview, APB Speaker Hugh Evans shares how Global Citizen, through the power of music, is now mobilizing millions to take part in a social movement to end extreme poverty. Following his service trip at the age of 14, Evans was inspired to make a positive impact in the world.

Rather than fighting extreme poverty through fundraising, Global Citizen seeks to engage people by rewarding their efforts in the form of concerts. Members of Global Citizen can earn points to attend concerts by “lobbying Congress, signing petitions, tweeting decision makers” to bring about change. Its main event, The Global Citizen Festival, drew more than 60,000 spectators last year. “We believe that our voice is greater when it's amplified”, said Evans, whose vision has gained the recognition of Bono and Michelle Obama, among others.

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In his keynote speeches, Evans expands on his positive philosophy, calling on us to activate our inner “global citizen” and to embrace the possibilities of the world we share. Listed in Forbes “30 under 30”, Hugh Evans is a promising, moving speaker you won’t want to miss.