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APB Speaker Regina Holliday Hosts the Art & Medical Conference “Cinderblocks”

25 May 2016

In her third installation, APB speaker Regina Holliday hosted the third art and medical conference “Cinderblocks 3: The Partnership with Patients Continues” last week. The event, which is a continuation of the message of the Walking Gallery project, helps artists and medical experts reflect on how to foster the partnership between patient and doctor. The Walking Gallery Project is an international patient right’s movement that entails Holliday, and other participating artists, painting expressive paintings on the back of business jackets for people to wear to medical conferences.

Holliday described the conference as “Burning man meets healthcare,” featuring everything from talks and coaching sessions to performances open to the public. At the conference “Cinderblocks 3: The Partnership with Patients Continues,” patients, speakers and artist came together to share their powerful stores proving to be an inspiring experience for all. In her own keynote speeches, Regina Holliday discusses the importance of patient advocacy through art, as well as the need to improve overall patient experience and safety.