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APB Speaker Tawakkol Karman Receives Annual Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum

31 Oct 2016

APB speaker Tawakkol Karman, a human rights activist and Nobel Laureate, was awarded the 2016 Freedom Award by the US National Civil Rights Museum. This award is granted to individuals who have contributed to civil and human rights around the world and to those who have paved the way for future leaders and movements. Past winners include Nelson Mandela, former President Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama.

Karman has been known as the “Mother of the Revolution” in Yemen for being the leader of the nonviolent Arab Spring protest for human rights. In her speech, she quotes Martin Luther King and says “I’ve a dream like the one King had, and I believe you too have a dream…So let us work with all love and devotion for it…This world shall be free from masters and slaves, a world that respects human beings without discrimination.”

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A popular and passionate voice, Karman speaks at events and forums around the world on her triumphs and challenges as a human rights activist, politician and Arab Spring participant. In speeches tailored to various organizations, she advocates that we must work with one another to combat discrimination and lay the groundwork for future leaders.

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