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Speaker Scott Hamilton & His Fight Against Cancer

25 Oct 2016

Speaker and Olympic skater Scott Hamilton recently received difficult news: he is now facing his third cancer diagnosis and, this time, it’s a brain tumor. However, Hamilton—who chooses to "celebrate life"—won’t change his optimistic outlook and remains courageous in his fight against cancer.

Hamilton, along with the Scott Hamilton Proton Therapy Center outside of Nashville, not only make contributions to treatments, but also to advocacy and awareness. Hamilton has already overcome two brain tumors and testicular cancer, and will use this new diagnosis as a motivator to continue to spread the word about much needed advances in cancer treatments.

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Hamilton hopes to utilize his celebrity status from his Olympic days to inspire others not to give up. Offering valuable tips on how to handle diagnoses, his main piece of advice is: “I’ll tell anybody that will listen: If you’re ever facing anything, get as many opinions as you possibly can...The more you truly understand what you’re up against, the better decision you’re going to make.”

One of our most passionate, sought-after speakers, Hamilton encourages audiences with his progressive vision for cancer advocacy, awareness, and treatment.

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