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APB's Dan Rather Goes Viral with Critical Social Media Posts on Trump Administration

22 Apr 2017

Dan Rather Goes Viral on Social Media

Eleven years after leaving broadcast news, reporter and APB speaker Dan Rather has made a comeback on a platform that can reach more people than he ever thought possible: social media. The unconventional election of 2016 inspired Rather to speak up about what he saw, and egged on by journalists at his multimedia production company News and Guts, he wrote Facebook posts about his thoughts.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, Rather revealed that he was compelled to act; and with a keen historical perspective from covering every president since Eisenhower, he had the perfect insight.

“It was a case where you say ‘wait a minute’ and you stop and think about what the nature of his campaign has become,” said Rather. “In writing the Facebook posts we get to think about what patriotism is and maybe what it should be.”

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Rather’s posts on President Trump’s campaigning tactics, immigration policies and treatment of the press were shared over 100,000 times. He wanted the public to take a critical look at how the country is moving forward and how patriotism will be reflected in America, especially in a digital age where people’s ideas can be widely shared. One of our most sought-after speakers, Rather speaks with a perspective that few can match on everything from politics, the media and current events to leadership, education, social justice and civic involvement.

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