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APB's Wes Moore Is Announced as New CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation

26 Apr 2017

Wes Moore Named CEO of Robin Hood

Author, veteran and transformative leader Wes Moore, was announced as the new chief executive officer of the nonprofit Robin Hood.

Robin Hood works to fight the 20 percent of New Yorkers living in poverty, something that Moore saw firsthand when growing up in the Bronx. In his new role, Moore will aid Robin Hood in housing, feeding, educating and caring for those living in poverty in New York while also supporting other non-profits to overcome economic barriers.

“I’ve long admired Robin Hood and I’m grateful for this tremendous opportunity to lead such a groundbreaking, well-respected organization doing so much good,” said Moore in an interview with Robin Hood. “I’m proud to be joining an organization that’s been leading the charge on making a meaningful difference.”

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Several big names also recently joined the foundation’s board, including APB speaker John B. King, who was Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama. “Wes is an outstanding fit to lead Robin Hood...because of his fierce and unwavering dedication to service ...” King said in a statement. For Moore, leading social initiatives is not a new role. He is the founder and CEO of BridgeEdu, an organization that helps provide students an affordable path to college and addresses the job placement crisis. An inspirational and sought-after speaker, Moore discusses everything from social issues and finding purpose in life to leadership and the importance of education.

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