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APB Speaker Dan Rather Featured on 'The Tonight Show'

13 Feb 2017

Dan Rather

APB speaker Dan Rather, a renowned news anchor with 60 years of experience, was a featured guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Rather discussed the President's negative relationship with the media, how the media can respectively respond and his rising popularity on social media.

Following the recent launch of his production company, News and Guts, Rather took to social media to stay relevant and keep journalism alive. He advises the media to “stay steady, stay respectful but also be relentless, and remain aggressive” to maintain the checks and balances for the American public.

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Both Jimmy and Dan agree America needs “HUH: healing unity and hope.” A seasoned journalist always asking the tough questions, Rather knows that reform is needed, but says not in a chaotic way. As provocative issues continue making headlines today, Rather’s keynotes offer a voice of reason during times when reliable insights are needed.

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