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APB Speaker Ron Suskind’s Life Animated Nominated for an Oscar

24 Feb 2017

Ron Suskind's Life Animated

Based on APB speaker Ron Suskind‘s book of the same name, Life, Animated is an inspirational movie that has now been nominated for an Oscar for best Documentary Feature! Directed by Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams, Life, Animated has been playing in select theaters across the country.

A winner at Sundance, the movie tells the incredible story of Owen Suskind, Ron’s son, and his struggle with autism. Unable to communicate at the age of three, Owen became immersed in Disney animated movies. It was through these iconic characters and their dialogues that Owen began to make sense of himself and the world around him. Life, Animated shares a deeply personal but universally resonant journey of transformation and a warm testament to the power of family.

One of our most requested speakers, Ron Suskind captivates audiences with his presentation, “Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes and Autism.” Sharing the 20-year journey of trying to effectively communicate with his autistic son, Owen, Suskind examines how Disney movies helped a quiet kid emerge as an expressive teenager; and how, along the way, they created a method for others to reach autistic children by following a similar model of emulative expression.

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