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APB Speaker Lee Woodruff Joins Sheryl Sandberg to Discuss the Power of Resilience

14 Jun 2017

APB Speaker Lee Woodruff and Sheryl Sandberg

Best-selling author, CBS contributor and APB speaker Lee Woodruff was interviewed by the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, via Facebook Live. Woodruff discussed her book In An Instant with Sandberg, which chronicles her family’s journey of healing after her husband was severely wounded in Iraq. From receiving “the call no one wants” about her husband being wounded while reporting for ABC’s World News Tonight to the intense uncertainty in dealing with a traumatic brain injury, Lee Woodruff personifies hope, strength and determination.

In the interview, which drew from themes in Sandberg’s new book Option B, Woodruff shares how writing helped her remain resilient, the four F’s that were vital to her (family, friends, faith and funny), how she chose to help others through the Bob Woodruff Foundation, and much more.

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A believer in the power of story, Woodruff inspires millions with her life-changing experience and continues to help families facing similar challenges.

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