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APB Speakers Attend #MLK50 Event to Honor the Memory of the Iconic Civil Rights Leader

10 Apr 2018

APB Speakers Attend #MLK50 Event to Honor Iconic Civil Rights Leader

As 2018 marks 50 years since the death of Martin Luther King Jr., the National Civil Rights Museum recently hosted an #MLK50 event honoring the late civil rights leader. APB speakers Clarence B. Jones, Diane Nash, John B. King and Julianne Malveaux all attended the event and gave speeches about King’s contributions, as well as their own involvement in the Civil Rights Movement:

CLARENCE B. JONES | Advisor & Speechwriter for Martin Luther King Jr.
“It was one of the most painful days in my life...He understood power, and for him power could be defined in voting."

DIANE NASH | Civil Rights & Peace Activist
“We knew that we were going to do whatever was necessary…going to jail, get beat up, whatever. The courage we had, we got from one another.”

JOHN B. KING | Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama
“If we fail to educate young people of color, we will fail as a country.”

JULIANNE MALVEAUX | Racial & Cultural Economics Expert
"I look at capitalism as a wolf and government policy as a dentist. Policy files down the wolf's teeth.”

Audiences reacted to the speakers in awe, calling them “amazing” and expressing gratitude for their “skill, bravery, and tenacity.”
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