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National Bullying Prevention Month: View Some of Our Leading Voices on Social Emotional Learning

11 Apr 2018

Find a Speaker for National Bullying Prevention Month

As you prepare for your October National Bullying Prevention Month event, consider some of our leading speakers on the topic. Believers that bullying must be stopped at its roots, these experts emphasize the crucial importance of social emotional learning to help children successfully navigate the environment around them.

ROSALIND WISEMAN | Wiseman is an educator, parent expert and sought-after authority on the physical and emotional well-being of boys and girls. Author of Masterminds and Wingmen and Queen Bees and Wannabes—the book behind the new Broadway show, “Mean Girls”—she puts the focus on creating cultures of dignity within schools by breaking down power structures between adults and students.

RACHEL SIMMONS | A leadership educator and the best-selling author of Enough as She Is, Simmons offers a powerful perspective on bullying and teenage girl culture. She helps girls cultivate the courage and resilience they need to overcome impossible expectations and forge their own paths.

MICHELE BORBA | An internationally renowned educator and expert on parenting, child development and bullying, Borba is currently travelling the world speaking about her acclaimed book, Unselfie, and the value of empathy. Based on years of research, her programs combat bullying through empathy-building practices and her 6R’s of prevention.

KATIE HURLEY | Hurley is a psychotherapist, parenting expert and author of The Happy Kid Handbook and No More Mean Girls. Offering a unique perspective on bullying prevention, she shares valuable lessons on empowerment, empathy and how to help kids thrive in life.

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