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APB's Samantha Harris Launches New Website, Publishes First Book

15 Aug 2018

APB's Samantha Harris Launches New Website, Publishes First Book

An Emmy Award-winning TV host, breast cancer survivor and now author, Samantha Harris is celebrating the reveal of her new website and the upcoming release of her first book, Your Healthiest Healthy. An inspiration to many, Harris has overcome several life obstacles and, as she says, continues “making lemonade” with any lemons life may hand her. 

Harris’ website reflects her mission to offer support and a pathway to live a healthier and happier life to those who are struggling not only with health issues, but with any kind of hardship. It is a positive space for people looking for direction in their health journey.  

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Harris previously stated that she wished there had been a simpler way for her to find all the information she needed about being healthy. The aim of her new book, Your Healthiest Healthy, endorsed by Susan G. Komen, Kris Jenner, and several others, is to offer people the advice she never have. Readers will learn about Harris' road from healthy-ish, to healthier, to healthiest—along with all the accurate research she found helpful. With an uplifting, vibrant personality, Harris consistently wins hearts, minds and rave reviews as she empowers audiences to take control of their health and live their best lives. 

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