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APB's Mark Blyth Shares Thoughts on the Possibility of a Trade War

26 Jun 2018

APB's Mark Blyth Shares Thoughts on the Possibility of a Trade War

President Trump has imposed tariffs on aluminum and steel, which many worry will cause a trade war with other countries. If a trade war begins, politicians and civilians fear that the U.S. economy will face detrimental consequences. As a result, congressional Republicans have spoken out urging President Trump to rethink his decision. APB speaker Mark Blyth discusses the potential danger behind these tariffs with Carrie Nordlund in a podcast for Brown’s Watson Institute.

When asked if the U.S. could win and fight a trade war tomorrow, Blyth responded by saying, “I think no because no one wins trade wars. Give me a historical example of a win in a trade war. I wouldn’t even know where to look.”

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A Brown University professor, Mark Blyth is acclaimed for his early prediction of President Trump’s victory in the 2016 election and his identification of the phenomenon of “Global Trumpism.” Widely known for his insightful thoughts on the interconnected impacts of global politics, economics and markets, Blyth intertwines critical knowledge and insight while making complex subject matter understandable and entertaining.

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