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Unconscious Bias Expert Howard Ross Takes on Tribalism & Our Divided Time

07 May 2018

We are living in a world of almost unparalleled division. People are no longer disagreeing, but disavowing each other’s rights to an opinion. What is driving this polarization and how can we overcome it in our daily lives?

In his new book, Our Search for Belonging: How our Need to Connect is Tearing Us Apart, APB speaker Howard Ross examines this fractured landscape and finds a beacon of hope: the modern workplace. After all, we don’t choose who we work with. These relationships cut across race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education levels and political perspectives—the very impetus needed for community and belonging to exist. Drawing from his book’s foundation of cutting edge research, Ross’s keynote on Our Search for Belonging shares best practices from some of America’s most successful and admired companies. He also guides audiences through the eight pathways to creating a culture of belonging, including the specific behaviors that people in organizations can embrace in order to make them happen. As one CEO said about Our Search for Belonging, “Howard Ross offers actionable steps on how we can begin to dismantle the walls between us for the benefit of our workplaces and our society. An insightful read for all leaders.”

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