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APB's Beatrice Fihn on How a Feminist Foreign Policy Can Save Us

15 Nov 2018

APB's Beatrice Fihn on How a Feminist Foreign Policy Can Save Us

In her article featured in The Nation, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and APB speaker Beatrice Fihn analyzes President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. This decision ended an agreement that terminated the use of many nuclear weapons. Highlighting a lack of female input when it comes to U.S. foreign policy about nuclear weapons, Fihn commented: “I don’t believe that women are inherently more peaceful, but what I do know is that women are more realistic about what is needed to keep our families, communities, and world safe. I believe that women are the doers. We cannot afford to wait…We certainly can’t count on the current men in power to choose sanity and security over fear and instability.”

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Beatrice Fihn has over a decade of experience in disarmament diplomacy and civil society mobilization through her work as Executive Director of ICAN. A sought-after speaker on nuclear disarmament, international law and activism around the world, she highlights the urgency for people and governments alike to focus on the humanitarian and catastrophic consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and the imminent threat of nuclear war. 

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