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APB's Kim Campbell Talks to Blue Cross Blue Shield About Spreading Hope During Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

08 Nov 2018

APB's Kim Campbell Talks to Blue Cross Blue Shield About Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

In an interview with Blue Cross Blue Shield, APB speaker Kim Campbell discussed the loss of her husband, singer-songwriter Glen Campbell, to Alzheimer’s and how she is now dedicated to helping other caregivers through their journeys.  

Sharing her story of being by her husband's side from the early diagnosis through the progression of the disease, Campbell explains the importance of caregivers finding support through connecting with others going through similar experiences: “You can’t do this alone, you shouldn’t do this alone and you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed that you can’t do it alone." Ultimately, she was introduced to the concept of a specialized memory care community, which became Glen's home and allowed the couple to focus on their time together as husband and wife instead of caregiver and patient.

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Now a passionate advocate for Alzheimer’s research funding, Campbell works to spread hope and to help those caring for loved ones struggling with the disease. She created the blog CareLiving, which inspires and empowers caregivers to care for themselves as they care for others.

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