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Lee Woodruff Keeps Hope Alive through Her Caregiving Journey

12 Apr 2019

Lee Woodruff Keeps Hope Alive through Her Caregiving Journey

Lee Woodruff knows that life can change in an instant. In 2006, one minute she was a successful freelance writer and businesswoman, mother of four children, and wife to Bob Woodruff, the newly appointed co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight. But then, unpredictably, her life turned upside down when her husband was severely wounded in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq. 

In a featured San Diego Union Tribune article, Woodruff discusses how she kept hope alive for her family the entire time her husband was in the hospital and throughout his recovery. “Human beings are built to survive…We are resilient. I think inside everybody is that pilot light of hope…I realized quickly…if I fell apart, it would probably set the tone for the way the rest of this was going to go.” Lee will speak at the CaregiverSD Community Expo later this month. 

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A sought-after motivational and inspirational speaker, Woodruff delivers engaging, heartfelt and candid keynotes, reminding audiences of all ages that nothing is stronger than love and hope.

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