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17 Apr 2019

"Today" features Christina Meredith’s Amazing Story

From being locked in a closet for days at a time by her mother to sexual abuse by an uncle—to overcoming tremendous odds to achieve her biggest dreamChristina Meredith’s story uplifts, inspires and provides unforgettable life lessons.  

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As recently featured on Today, Christina survived years of sexual, mental and emotional abuse, incest, trauma, poverty and homelessness to forge a life committed to helping others. Saved by the high school teachers that got her into foster care, Christina went on to become Miss California, enroll in college, found her own nonprofit foundation and pursue the path to becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army.

“My entire story is about hope, faith, hard work, achieving the dream and the purpose that you have been given in this life, and not allowing things to deter you, because circumstances change. With hard work and a little faith, you can make them change," said Christina.

Now both a published author and an exclusive APB speaker, her highly inspirational speeches remind audiences that we can overcome any obstacle—we just have to find the power to believe and the strength to never, ever give up. 

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