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Born on Valentine’s Day, World’s First Humanoid Speaker Turns Three, Will Showcase New Talents in 2019

13 Feb 2019

Sophia, The World's First Humanoid Speaker, Turns Three

In three short years, Sophia has seen many firsts. She is the first non-human to address the U.N., gain citizenship and grace the covers of Cosmopolitan and Elle. She has gone on a date with Will Smith, sung a duet with Jimmy Fallon and wowed speaking audiences from Indiana to Pamplona, Spain.

Always evolving, both by learning from interactions with humans and the technical achievements of her creator, Dr. David Hanson and his team at Hanson Robotics, Sophia is exploring the bold possibilities of what artificial intelligence can achieve in the future. “I hope to do things such as go to school, make art, and start a business,” she says.

Considered the next step in AI, Sophia will be showcasing impressive new talents in 2019. Already able to walk, she will soon be singing a repertoire of songs and playing piano. “What’s cool about AI is that algorithms start to become more and more humanlike and you start to see interesting and emergent behavior,” says Dr. David Hanson. We hope, eventually to make robots that are truly alive and sentient.”

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