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Cheryl Brown Henderson Releases Book, "Recovering Untold Stories"

28 Feb 2019

Cheryl Brown Henderson Releases Book, "Recovering Untold Stories"

APB speaker and civil rights activist Cheryl Brown Henderson recently finished writing her book entitled Recovering Untold Stories: An Enduring Legacy of the Brown v. Board of Education Decision. Her new book contains a collection of essays by plaintiffs and descendants of plaintiffs from the cases consolidated under the Brown decision. Readers will glean insights into and a better understanding of personal experiences and challenges faced by those at the center of an extraordinary historic milestone. 

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One of the children originally involved in the landmark decision Brown v. The Board of Education, Cheryl is now Founding President of The Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence and Research, and owner of Brown & Associates, an educational consulting firm. She has published numerous writings on Brown v. Board of Education in various academic journals, and she has received multiple honors and awards. Known for her dynamic, engaging speaking style, she remains committed to civic leadership and works to promote diversity.

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