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What to Watch: Speaker Bakari Seller’s Documentary “While I Breath, I Hope”

12 Feb 2019

Speaker Bakari Seller’s Documentary “While I Breath, I Hope” to Premier on PBS

Known for making history in 2006 for defeating a 26-year incumbent State Representative, Bakari Sellers is the youngest member of the South Carolina state legislature and the youngest African American elected official in the nation. Sellers' documentary, While I Breath, I Hope, examines what it means to be young, black and a democrat in the American South.

While I Breath, I Hope shares Bakari Sellers’ journey as a Democratic nominee looking to become the Lt. Governor in the state of South Carolina as a young black man in 2014. Facing racial adversity and inequality, Bakari passionately committed to serving the community and South Carolina. “We have the power to change South Carolina,” Bakari claimed during one of his speeches.  

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With an impressive list of accomplishments including having served on President Barack Obama's South Carolina steering committee during the 2008 election, Sellers is widely considered to be a rising star within the Democratic Party and a leading voice for his generation. Sellers proclaimed, “We will not bow down, but we will stand up!”

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