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What is Connectional Intelligence & How Can You Boost It? Speaker Erica Dhawan Explains

14 Jan 2019

Speaker Erica Dhawan on Connectional Intelligence

Best-selling author Erica Dhawan’s recent article on BigThink.com discusses how connectional intelligence can improve big-picture thinking and create opportunities for success. She breaks down connectional intelligence into what she calls the five C's: curiosity, combination, courage, community and combustion—traits organizations should focus on improving to build stronger problem-solving skills. Using case studies from Colgate and Frito Lay, Dhawan shows that genius ideas don't always come from the top down and that networked problem-solving can create million-dollar opportunities.

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The co-author of Get Big Things Done, Dhawan teaches innovative strategies to create value for clients, deliver sustainable results and ensure competitiveness. From networking and leadership to maximizing personal value in the global workforce, Dhawan reveals how connectional intelligence can change the way you think and work. 

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