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“Education is Performance Art” Says APB’s Jessica Lahey

11 Jul 2019

“Education is Performance Art” Says APB’s Jessica Lahey

Esteemed educator, best-selling author of The Gift of Failure, and APB speaker Jessica Lahey discusses the importance of teachers meaningfully engaging their students to make learning interesting. A sought-after speaker with unique insights on education, Lahey addresses the issue of connecting with apathetic students by discussing the performance art aspect of school with famous magician and former teacher, Teller. 

In the article, Lahey states “Education, at its most engaging, is performance art.” She adds that by using creativity, teachers can create a learning environment where students are stimulated and have a deeper understanding of the material.

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In her groundbreaking keynotes, Lahey draws from extensive research and years of experience to tackle issues at the forefront of education. She leaves audiences feeling inspired to adopt new behaviors and change their thinking about long-held beliefs about failure and school. 

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