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APB Healthcare Celebrates International Women’s Day!

08 Mar 2019

APB Healthcare Celebrates International Women’s Day!

Today, groups around the world are celebrating International Women's Day with the goal of bettering gender balance and our future. Responsible for inspiring millions, we recognize the influence these women have had on our communities and as they continue to empower audiences worldwide:

Nadya Okamoto
Gen Z Social Entrepreneur & Branding Expert, Founder & Executive Director of PERIOD
Okamoto shares her story of overcoming adversity, instability and abuse, and how she turned her past into a platform for activism. Now a rising junior at Harvard, she's grown her organization to be a leading force in the Menstrual Movement, has run for public office and recently published her debut book, Period Power.

Caitlyn Jenner
Olympian, Transgender Activist & Author
From record-breaking Olympic gold medalist to today's most famous transgender woman, Jenner has always captured the world’s attention. Now sharing her powerful story and her rise to LGBTQ+ champion, she gives voice to the challenges of all who struggle with adversity, prejudice and acceptance in their personal and professional lives.

Kathy Najimy
Award-Winning Actress & “Social Action Hero”
Outspoken, energizing and inspirational, Najimy is an actress and advocate for many social causes. She is passionately committed to equality and is a strong voice for LGBTQ+ rights, as well as the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.