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Education Speaker & Author of Gift of Failure, Jessica Lahey | Bring Her to Your Event

21 Mar 2019

APB's Jessica Lahey Takes on the College Admissions Scandal

APB speaker, educator and best-selling author of The Gift of Failure Jessica Lahey gave her opinion on the college admissions scandal in a Washington Post article. A highly sought-after speaker, Lahey addresses “overparenting” with the authority of an experienced teacher and the empathetic, often humorous, personal perspective of a mom who has truly been there. 

In the article, Lahey states: “This is the extreme, but that pressure is happening all over the place.” Parents place so much pressure on their kids, however, seemingly more pressure on themselves. Parents are micromanaging their kids, rather than letting them fail and learn from their mistakes.  

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Known for her engaging, compelling keynotes, Lahey simplifies complex cognitive neuroscience and pedagogy, making the case that children learn best when they are given autonomy, allowed to feel competent and are valued for the content of their character rather than the letters on their report card. 

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