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02 May 2019

Mary Frances Berry on How We Lost Affirmative Action

According to APB speaker Dr. Mary Frances Berry, affirmative action died a long time ago, yet no one seemed to notice. A widely read author, activist, educator and historian, Berry recently penned an article on affirmative action in The North Star, writing "In truth, its death was predictable in the late 1960s when President Richard Nixon, faced with a radicalized Black Power movement that demanded reparations for slavery, used the federal non-discrimination statute (also known as Executive Order 11246) to appease Black folk.” 

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For more than four decades, Dr. Mary Frances Berry has been one of the most visible and respected activists in the cause of civil rights, gender equality and social justice. A moving diversity speaker and civil rights speaker who makes history come alive, Dr. Berry believes that each generation has the responsibility to make a positive impact on social change. She continues to speak boldly for those who can’t speak for themselves and motivates all of us to take action. 

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