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09 May 2019

Mental Health Awareness Month: Hear from Mike Veny

Leading mental health expert Mike Veny recently discussed how mental health is a critical component to the diversity and inclusion conversation: “When you look at mental health through the perspective of diversity and inclusion, you gain better insight on how to transform the stigma surrounding mental health.” 

Veny points out two important facts: mental health issues are confusing and frustrating for both the person struggling and the people who love them. People living with mental health challenges are often treated as a liability and feel like a liability in professional environments. The stigma surrounding mental health makes it difficult for them to perform at their best. 

Mike Veny is one of America’s leading mental health speakers and a high energy drum circle facilitator. He delivers educational, engaging, and entertaining presentations throughout the world. Sharing his personal journey with mental health management, he provides tips based off his own experiences. “It's time to make a change in how we view mental health in professional environments. Not only should we be talking about it, but we should be embracing it," says Veny. 

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