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APB's David Pogue Does an Escape Room on CBS "Sunday Morning"

08 Nov 2019

APB's David Pogue Does an Escape Room on CBS "Sunday Morning"

Technology and science expert David Pogue put himself and his fellow CBS Sunday Morning correspondents to the test in an escape room! Escape rooms, explosively trendy since they came on the scene in the U.S. in 2012, are immersive experiences during which you get locked in a room and have to look for clues to escape – all while trying to beat the clock. In the segment, Pogue interviews superfans and unpacks what is behind the love for escape rooms. The overwhelming answer seemed to be that it is an immersive, tangible experience to share with family and friends, away from the daily grind of stress, screens and reality.   

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One of the most entertaining, informative and enormously popular technology and science speakers out there today, Pogue is a five-time Emmy winner, longtime New York Times columnist, NOVA correspondent and best-selling how-to author. He is especially sought after for his ability to seamlessly blend information and entertainment on such issues as technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drones and the intersection of business and science. 

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