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APB Speaker Lawrence Lessig Writes New Book, "They Don’t Represent Us"

04 Nov 2019

APB Speaker Lawrence Lessig Writes New Book, "They Don’t Represent Us"

Known for his insightful perspective on American democracy, law and governance, APB speaker Lawrence Lessig is set to release his much-anticipated new book on November 5th, entitled They Don’t Represent Us: Reclaiming Our Democracy. In his new book, Lessig sets out to unpack why American democracy is so detached from the people it supposedly serves.

Explaining why democratic institutions have become so unrepresentative and narrow in their focus, he also argues that there is plenty of blame to go around - from the politicians themselves to the special interests to the media and the citizens themselves. However, Lessig’s vision is ultimately a hopeful one, and he advocates a series of reforms that have the potential to right the ship, including Electoral College reform and a switch to public campaign funding.   

An esteemed Harvard Law professor and a New York Times bestselling author, Lessig is known as a founding father of internet law. A thought leader in the realms of government and democracy, he was a 2016 Presidential candidate running on a platform of campaign finance reform. From being honored with accolades for innovation in his field to being a massive hit on the TED main stage, Lessig captivates and informs with his signature presentation style filled with dynamic typography and thought-provoking visuals.

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