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22 Oct 2019

APB Speaker Sonia Manzano To Appear In 50th Anniversary Special of "Sesame Street"

APB speaker Sonia Manzano is set to appear in the 50th Anniversary Special of Sesame Street on HBO, Saturday, November 9th at 7 P.M. EST. Considered a cultural landmark widely praised for its approach to children’s programming, Sesame Street is not only educational, but provides special support and guidance on such topics as military families, autism, addiction and more. In 1971, Manzano landed the career-making character of “Maria” on the show.

During her 44-year run as a reoccurring actress on Sesame Street, Manzano believes she helped break down racial barriers, saying: “I have been to places in the Midwest where they'll say, 'You were the first Puerto Rican I ever saw.' And I'm thinking, 'Not possible…Maybe I was the first Puerto Rican they saw as a full human being.' And I think that that's what the power of Sesame Street was." 

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In 2013, Manzano was named as one of the “25 Greatest Latino Role Models Ever” by Latina Magazine. A fearless trailblazer and staunch advocate for education, she infuses humor and charm into her presentations, inspiring audiences with her passion, strength and insight into success. Whether speaking out for literacy, diversity, or addressing the issues children face in our media-saturated life, she is a familiar, engaging voice that brings new light to our lives. 

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