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17 Sep 2019

Jessica Lahey Featured in "The New York Times," Shares How to Help Children Succeed at School

Known for her New York Times best-selling book on modern parenting, The Gift of Failure, APB speaker Jessica Lahey is continuing to advocate for flexible, successful parenting strategies in a recent New York Times Guide to Smarter Living. Her column celebrates the opportunity of a new school year for families everywhere, promoting learning through valuing process over product and planning for smarter technology use. Lahey draws on both data and personal experience to model a more collaborative, less punitive view of the parental role.    

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Passionate about providing hope for children who have been given everything yet feel adrift in their own lives, Lahey creates a true connection with her audiences. Her presentations are filled with laughter, tales from her own life, experience in the classroom and on the front lines of education research. In her engaging, compelling keynotes, Lahey simplifies complex cognitive neuroscience and pedagogy, making the case that children learn best when they are given autonomy, allowed to feel competent and are valued for the content of their character rather than the letters on their report card.

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