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08 Jan 2020

APB Speaker David Epstein Explains Why Generalists Triumph on CNN

APB speaker David Epstein’s latest bestseller Range contradicts the conventional wisdom of “practice makes perfect” or, in career lingo, specialization. Epstein went on GPS with Fareed Zakaria on CNN to explain his data-driven bombshell theory. Epstein shares that it is generalists who thrive in a specialized world and offers two key reasons why this is so. Firstly, he draws on his encyclopedic knowledge of science, journalism, data, business and technology to assert that the world itself is becoming more specialized, which in turn demands big-picture thinkers to synthesize information and connect the dots. Secondly, as he puts it for Zakaria on air, “we learn who we are in practice, not in theory,” meaning that we maximize our potential by sampling many things.  

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The revolutionary theories in Range cement Epstein’s reputation as the reigning expert on high performance across all domains. His pursuit of knowledge has permeated his many successful pursuits, from being the investigative reporter that broke the story of Yankees player A-Rod's steroid use to delivering the 1 million+ viewed mainstage TedTalk that impressed Bill Gates. Epstein is a dynamic and engaging generalist himself, which enables him to speak passionately on everything from education to healthcare to big data, while always delivering big-picture, performance-improving takeaways for audiences.  

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