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23 Jan 2020

APB Speaker Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders’ Life Story to be Made into a Film

APB’s Dr. M. Jocelyn Elders has had an incredible life, from being a sharecropper’s daughter who did not see a physician once during her own childhood to becoming a physical therapist in the Army, a physician, a professor and eventually the first African American Surgeon General of the United States. Elders’ incredible life story is now being immortalized in a documentary film called Healer, which is not only a testament to her own perseverance, courage and determination, but also a tribute to the myriad women who have broken down barriers to realize their dreams of practicing medicine. 

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One of our most sought-after healthcare speakers, Elders has become an icon for her relentless focus on justice and passionate commitment to health. In her confirmation hearings, she said, “I want to be the voice and vision of the poor and powerless. I want to change concern about social problems that affect health into commitment. And I would like to make every child born in America a wanted child.” Healer is a much-anticipated look at the life of Dr. Elders as she broke through race, gender and class barriers in the medical field to become a visionary leader, healer, justice seeker and, ultimately, a worldwide role model for all.  

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