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APB’s Carl Bernstein: “Trump's phone calls alarm US officials”

02 Jul 2020

APB’s Carl Bernstein: “Trump's phone calls alarm US officials”

For years, CNN political analyst, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and APB speaker Carl Bernstein has revealed the inner workings of government and politics, and told the hidden stories of Washington and its leaders. Bernstein’s most recent article details why Trump’s phone calls are alarming to US officials.

In his CNN article, Bernstein mentions how Trump, in hundreds of classified phone calls with foreign heads of state, was consistently unprepared for discussion of serious issues, and often outplayed in his conversations with powerful leaders such as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Bernstein says Trump came across as abusive on the call, ultimately posing a danger to the national security of the United States: “These officials' concerns about the calls, and particularly Trump's deference to Putin, take on new resonance with reports the President may have learned in March that Russia had offered the Taliban bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan—and yet took no action...”  

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In his talks, Bernstein brings invaluable historical perspective to the news and issues of the day as he takes audiences inside Washington and his own legendary career. Tackling subjects ranging from the role of journalism in the age of social media and political dysfunction to his own extensive study of the American healthcare system and its future, Bernstein informs, enlightens and treats audiences to an unforgettable encounter with one of the true heroes of modern journalism. 

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