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APB Speaker Dan Pfeiffer on The Lincoln Project: Friend, Foe, or Fraud?

22 Jul 2020

Former White House communications director, noted political and digital strategist, best-selling author and Pod Save America co-host, APB's Dan Pfeiffer says the Lincoln Project is masterful at going viral during campaign season. The vast majority of ads the Lincoln Project has released thus far are unlikely to move a single voter, and that isn’t what they were designed to do. In his recent Crooked article, Pfeiffer says the Lincoln Project ads only appeal to a certain subset of people and maybe not the voting Democrats specifically. “There is no question that the Lincoln Project is playing a role in shifting media narratives against Trump by releasing punchy, emotionally evocative spots responding to Trump within the same news cycles. The fact that these attacks come from Republicans widely respected by the political press corps make them even more influential. This is of great value and shouldn’t be dismissed.”  

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Combining, humor, inspiration, spot-on political instincts and formidable storytelling, Pfeiffer takes audiences inside Washington politics, from working in the White House to the adrenaline rush of high-stakes political campaigns. He infuses all of his talks with his energizing optimism for America’s political system and the importance of getting involved.  

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