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APB Speaker Christina Meredith Determined to Change the World

22 Jul 2020

APB Speaker Christina Meredith Determined to Change the World

One of ten children born to a mother that suffered from both mental illness and substance use disorder, Christina Meredith endured years of traumatic abuse. Empowering others with her inspiring life story, Christina survived sexual, mental and emotional abuse, poverty and homelessness to forge a life committed to helping others. Through strong faith, hard work, and creativity she went on to become Miss California, enroll in college, found her own nonprofit foundation, and pursue the path to becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army.

Christina recently celebrated her new rank as signals intelligence officer with the Texas National Guard, which she fought hard for. Through all the years of abuse and trauma from her mother, she finally fulfilled her dream. "I'm not a victim," Christina said. "Sure, I endured hardships…but it was up to me to decide how I was going to live my life. I choose my destiny." 

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Not only did Christina become an Army officer, but she is also a published author of the bestselling memoir CinderGirl. She shares a message that uplifts, inspires and provides unforgettable life lessons.

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