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APB’s Dr. Celine Gounder, The Disease Detective, Breaks Down COVID-19

25 Mar 2020

APB’s Dr. Celine Gounder, The Disease Detective, Breaks Down COVID-19

Practicing HIV/infectious diseases specialist and medical analyst on CNN, APB speaker Dr. Celine Gounder is getting a lot of questions from both American citizens and healthcare professionals on how to deal with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Dr. Gounder, epidemiologist (aka disease detective), wrote on Clinical Care Options that one of the biggest challenges during this epidemic is how to test for COVID-19. 

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Says Gounder, “I have been getting emails and Twitter messages from healthcare providers all over the country saying that even the commercial labs like LabCorp and Quest won’t be able to provide them with testing until a few weeks from now.” Gounder also receives several questions from clinicians to the effect of “How do I deal with this myself?” and says we can learn from the universal precautions that came during the era of HIV. 

Dr. Gounder is the host and producer of American Diagnosis, a podcast on health and social justice, and Epidemic, a podcast about the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 / coronavirus epidemic. Drawing from years of experience and expertise, she continues to bring audiences important, cutting-edge information on the coronavirus.  

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